Looking for the Centurion [MP4]

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Did you know the same power that healed the centurion’s servant lives within you? Yeshua’s blood was shed so that we may have an inheritance and release the power of the Holy Spirit to the world.

Join Curt Landry as he asks, “Who spoke the word of healing over the servant?” He explains that the centurion who released the word that healed his own servant believed the power of Yeshua.

Curt Landry dives into teachings such as the following:

  • You must be under authority to receive authority
  • Speak the Word and your servant will be healed
  • To receive from God, you must come to Him

This in-depth, 75-minute teaching helps you understand the power you have as a gift from the Holy Spirit and how to draw nearer to the Lord as you are under His authority.