Become a Covenant Partner!

God gives a covenant promise of blessing to those who bless the nation of Israel (Genesis 12:3). As a Believer who stands with, supports, prays for, and sows into Israel, this promise is for YOU!

Activate Your Covenant Promise!

“And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”
—Genesis 12:3

Activate the Genesis 12:3 Covenant Promise!

Covenant Partners are monthly givers committed to seeing God’s covenant promise of reconciliation and redemption released so the power of true identity is known and the love of Yeshua is spread throughout the world!


Commit to giving a monthly amount of $27 or higher. Prayerfully ask God the amount He wants you to sow.


Gain a deeper understanding of your spiritual inheritance by connecting to the Jewish roots.


Encounter the Father-Heart of God, bless Israel, and receive your covenant promise.

Hear from Our Covenant Partners

Sandra C. in Montana

Sandra sent this message after signing up to become a Covenant Partner.

“When I became a Covenant Partner, there was so much blessing and spiritual gain! I can’t wait to come for the Feasts of the Lord!”

Brittnee H. in Tennessee

Brittnee sent this message after attending a service where Curt Landry ministered.

“My family was one of the last to be baptized this past Sunday in Chattanooga at our church. The character they (Curt and Christie Landry) exemplified while they were there is one of the reasons I partnered (became a Covenant Partner) with them. Not many people would’ve ministered like this for more than 4 hours. We also wanted to give to Israel. After seeing their determination to minister to absolutely everyone there, I know they would be this determined to minister to those in Israel.”

Covenant Impact

Covenant Partners Make Covenant Impact

Our Covenant Partners Unlock Kingdom Destinies for those in Israel and around the world! They are Yeshua’s hands and feet, advancing the Gospel’s message and revealing the Father-Heart of God to others by…

  • Providing more than 6, 250 regular meals, special gifts, and feast meals to Holocaust survivors
  • Giving more than 23,000 Hebrew-translated copies of Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage, Curt Landry’s personal story of coming to understand the Jewish roots of the faith, to the Israeli Defense Force soldiers
  • Supplying more than 4,000 meals a year to lone soldiers who have no family in Israel to support them
  • Donating life-saving vests, helmets, medical kits, phone banks, and more to the Israeli Defense Force when Hamas terrorists attacked
  • Giving emergency relief such as field hospitals, medical resources, hygiene kits, and food to nations and communities when natural disasters strike

Covenant Partners Bring Revival to Nations & Releases Kingdom Purposes

Bless Israel

Covenant Partners provide humanitarian aid to care for Holocaust survivors, create homes (Safe Houses) for young men and women without families, and give supplies to the Israeli Defense Force so they can be the watchmen on the walls.

Unlock Your Destiny

Covenant Partners are part of our covenant family as we pray and place our feet at the Father’s table during His appointed times. They uphold the biblical mandate to support Israel and, as a result, Unlock Their Kingdom Destinies.

Release God’s Fullness

Covenant Partners live out the One New Man—One New Humanity—revelation, seeing God’s original design for creation and His promise for all people to embrace His Father-Heart. They release Yeshua’s love, salvation, and fullness throughout the Earth.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to activate the covenant promise
of Genesis 12:3 today. Unlock Your Kingdom Destiny!