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“I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”
Genesis 12:3 

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October 7, 2023 was the deadliest single day for the Jewish people since the Holocaust.

At the time of this page being published (October 9, 2023) over 700 Israelis have been murdered, over 2315 wounded, and over 130 hostages taken to Gaza.

The videos of civilian men, women, children and IDF soldiers being killed and held hostage are horrific.

Phase One — COMPLETE!

Your generosity provided 125 Undergarments, 200 Phone Banks, and 100 Bulletproof Vests to soldiers in the IDF.

Phase Two — COMPLETE!

Your generosity provided 200 Protective Helmets, 200 Portable Mattresses, and 200 Hygiene Kits to soldiers in the IDF.

Phase Three — COMPLETE!

Your awesome support provided 700 Field Wound Dressings, 350 Arterial Tourniquet, 100 Double plated bullet proof vests and lodging for 50 displaced families!

Phase Four — COMPLETE!

Your help provided 700 Meals for families, 400 Soldier Medic Kits, 100 Double plated bullet proof vests and 24 Unit Medic Kits

Phase Five — COMPLETE!

Your generosity provided 10,000 Books, 300 Security Lights, 300 Security Door Barriers, 33 Public Water Installations, 7 Paratrooper Support Equipment

Phase Six — COMPLETE!

Your support provided 200 Hygiene Kits, 50 Hair Clippers, 200 Outfits, 300 Wounded Soldier Gifts, 40 Pairs of Army Boots, and Meals for 400 Soldiers

Phase Seven — COMPLETE!

Your support provided 200 tactical uniforms, 200 protective helmets, meals for 100 soldiers in the Tank Command unit, meals for 120 soldiers in the Rescue Medical Unit, and additional support for 150 young adults in Bridge to Independence safehouse program

Phase Eight — COMPLETE!

Thank you for your support, which includes 240 warm winter coats, 100 portable beds, 550 bedsheets, and essential security equipment for the Ma’Ale Adumim community, helping protect civilian families and enhance their security forces.

Phase Nine — COMPLETE!

Your generosity provided essential protective gear and equipment for security personnel and emergency responders, such as bulletproof vests, tactile helmets, flood flashlights, field bandages, neck warmers, uniforms, knee protectors, tactical gloves, utility knives, tactical boots, walkie-talkie sets, and emergency lights.

Phase Ten — COMPLETE!

Thank you so much to those who donated to provide much needed gear and supplies such as: tactical helmets, defibrillators, meals, shoes, Epi-pens, winter jackets, and resuscitation equipment for IDF soldiers and medics. You made a huge impact in the war on terror!

Phase Eleven — COMPLETE!

The IDF soldiers we support thank you for your generosity in providing the much needed: personal soldier protection, beds, emergency and medical supplies! You made a huge difference.

Current Phase

PHASE 12: IDF Generators, Beds, Emergency and Medical Supplies

  • Morale-boosting gift bags for soldiers in Gaza | Qty 550 | $15
  • Farmers on border security patrols: Night Vision Goggles | Qty 32 | $900
  • Famers: Security Force Uniforms | Qty 32 | $125

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