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  • Receive victory in spiritual warfare 
  • Break the generational curses that bind you 
  • Know your identity and covenant rights
  • Be positioned in the Courts of Heaven for a victory

It can be hard to break free from a cycle of sin–but it isn’t impossible. The enemy doesn’t want you to know how to enter the Courts of Heaven and remove the generational curses in the way of your victory! 

Are you ready to understand spiritual warfare and win the battle? Get Victory in Spiritual Warfare today! 

Spiritual warfare is real. It is an ongoing battle in the spiritual realm—heavenly forces against demonic forces. As a born-again Believer, you are in a covenant relationship with the Lord, covered by the blood of Jesus Christ—Yeshua HaMashiach—and can be confident that God has fully equipped you to overcome, winning the battle in spiritual warfare!

However, your understanding of spiritual warfare, or lack thereof, can lead to 3 outcomes…

  • You know there is a spiritual attack, but you do not know how to wield the weapons you have been given.
  • You do not know there is a spiritual attack, and you use human weapons to try to overcome.
  • You know there is a spiritual attack. You listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, enter the Courts of Heaven, and battle using the Word of God.

The Victory in Spiritual Warfare study guide was written to help you break the generational curses that bind you and lead you into deeper understanding of your identity in Christ, positioning yourself in the Courts of Heaven for a victory.  

This study guide, will help you discover…

  • Your identity in Yeshua
  • Your covenant rights as a child of God
  • Heavenly protocol in the Courts of Heaven
  • What are habitual sins and generational curses
  • How to identify generational curses
  • How to remove generational curses in the Courts of Heaven
  • Prayers to help guide you in the Courts of Heaven

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