Hear the Voice of the Lord [MP4]

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When we want to get to know someone better, we understand that we need to spend time with them. The time spent together then gives insight into their nature and character. This is no different than spending time with the Lord. We start to uncover secrets and mysteries that He reveals to us through His still small voice.

Curt Landry shares the importance of studying the Word of God in order to understand the Lord’s nature better. This gives us greater discernment for direction and purpose in our lives. He goes on to explain the inherent value of maintaining our relationship with the Holy Spirit, as well as seeking Godly counsel in regard to difficult decisions.

  • God’s voice never violates God’s Word.
  • The more scripture you learn, to the better, you’ll be able to understand and discern the Lord’s voice.
  • We don’t need our emotions speaking to God; we need God speaking to our emotions.