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Unity, truth, and love-ingredients are necessary to grow.

In Oliver & the Good Gardener, we follow an olive tree named, Oliver, whom the Good Gardener nurtured from a seed to a tall, beautiful tree. Yet, when bad Vulture takes advantage of the Good Gardener being out of the garden and lands in Oliver’s branches, it’s up to each of Oliver’s branches to decide if they will listen to Vulture’s lies or not.

Will all of Oliver’s branches believe the Good Gardener, or will some believe Vulture’s lies?

Can the Good Gardener bring unity, truth, and love back to the garden?

Through this story children will not only learn how lies can divide and hurt, but how truth and love bring people together.

Oliver and the Good Gardener was written by Patricia Lee, a long-time member at House of David and supporter of Curt Landry Ministries.

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