Calendar | 16 Month Hebrew Calendar by Curt Landry Ministries: 2023/5784-2024/5785

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We’ve designed a 16-month Hebrew calendar exclusively for you. Our Hebrew calendar begins in September 2023/5784 and continues through December 2024/5785. Get on God’s timeline.

THE JEWISH, OR HEBRAIC, CALENDAR differs from the traditional Gregorian calendar we use today.

It is based on the earth’s rotation around its axis (one day), the moon’s rotation around the earth (average 29 1⁄2 days), and the earth’s rotation around the sun (365 1⁄4 days).

Because the rotations are slightly longer than the traditional calendar, holidays and festivals do not always appear at the same time according to the Gregorian calendar—but are consistent with the Hebraic calendar. It might also be noted that on the Jewish calendar, feast celebrations are observed from sundown the day before the holiday, to sundown the day of the holiday.

Because God has provided a divine order and instruction through scripture, we at Curt Landry Ministries enjoy celebrating the historical and biblical significance of the Jewish holidays.

We do observe the FEASTS OF THE LORD — set apart by God in Leviticus 23 — for all his people. We understand that as we place our feet beneath His table during His chosen times, we receive the commanded blessings. We believe there are great blessings that flow from understanding God’s Appointed Times and Seasons.

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